Home Inspections

Home Inspections: What to Expect

All clients of Western Slope Home Inspections receive a custom home inspection report at the end of the inspection. The home inspection report contains pictures and text detailing my observations, condition and type of materials, and any defects that adversely affect the home. If items are found that are unsafe, hazardous, or require further evaluation, the report recommends further consultation by an expert in that field.

Each inspection takes an average of four hours. Then we will take the time to personally guide you through every step of the process and discuss the inspection findings – either at the conclusion of the inspection or via phone, if you are unable to attend. The buyer’s realtor will also receive a summary page of the possible items needing to be addressed.

Items Included in a Western Slope Home Inspection:

  1.   General interior including ceilings, walls and floors
  2.   General exterior, including roofs, gutter, siding, chimney and drainage
  3.   Structural condition of foundation or basement
  4.   Doors and windows
  5.   Insulation and ventilation
  6.  Condition of major systems